Do you know what happens if you cut an apple in half and wait for a few minutes?

From white, it starts to become brown…and that is due to oxidation!

Once exposed to the environment, every surface modifies itself and changes forever.

Those few nanometers on a material’s surface that are in contact with the environment are named “interface”.

The interface is the key element for many different applications.

If you work on a medical device, or on a new food storage or on a gas sensor or on a new coating for a glass, metallic or plastic panel…there is one thing in common, the interface, that is the part in contact with bodily fluids, wine, gas or air.

The success or the failure of your new material, device or sensor is determined by its interface. Its fundamental role is often underestimated.

Indivenire can help you to characterize and modify your interface in order to achieve success!