Indivenire’s participation in the SiPoBio project – Portable system for high sensitivity detection of circulating biomarkers in blood

In the era of personalised medicine, the development of molecular systems for the detection of biomarkers is crucial to improve the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of many diseases.
This project responds with the development of a system with increased sensitivity thanks to functional surfaces and an optimised reading system. Automated fluid handling will enable the prototype developed in the project to perform analysis of samples of interest, paving the way for the development of systems for minimally invasive, rapid analysis and thus targeting a large number of individuals.

Project leader: Cristina Potrich, Fondazione Bruno Kessler – FBK
Team: Cecilia Pederzolli- FBK; Lorenzo Lunelli- FBK; Cristian Collini- FBK; Maurizio Boscardin – FBK; Laura Pasquardini – Indivenire srl; Lucio Pancheri – University of Trento #DII